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Find peace and your internal happiness in the relaxing Laconium and a beautiful vault changing colours, as well as the air filled with a soft aroma and a soothing music - that's it!

Within the sauna zone there is a nudity zone, the allowed cover is a sheet or a towel.

Laconium is a perfect alternative for the classic sauna!
Here the temperature reaches 50C, and the humidity level is low, so even if you struggle with hypertension or heart problems, that's available to you.

And if your health is strong, you may spend much more than in the Laconium than in the sauna - more than 30 minutes!
Yet, we rather recommend taking advantage of the room in 2 - 3 sessions, 15 minutes each, because your body warms up sufficiently, and then you can take a cooling, refreshing bath.

Here you will cleanse your whole organism of toxins, breathing in pleasant aromas. You body shall calm down, your muscles will loosen, and the blood will circulate quicker.


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