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Philosophy of the Bukovina Thermal Baths

The local inhabitant helped us to set a direction for the town and the community of Bukowina Tatrzańska. We fulfill the philosophy of a new relaxation in the region of Podhale.


You promise to do our best and teach you how to regenerate and calm down effectively~With us you will easily learn what blissful properties the sole water can bring.

Our mission is to make you aware how soothing and healing the brine can be - and we are quite successful in that, for we can already match the sophistication of Austria and Hungary in this scope - known for ages as the leaders in the brine philosophy.

The Thermal Baths BUKOVINA offer you much more than simply a pool:
  • Thermal baths
  • Sauna visit
  • Classic massages
  • Hydro massages
  • Relaxation at the couch
  • Visit at the Wellness BUKOVINA

Two dimensions of regenerations – for body and soul
Relaxation at the Thermal Baths BUKOVINA will work wonders:
  • Your frame of mind will be better
  • You psychological comfort will rise
  • Your nervous system will be stronger and the level of stress lower
  • Your circulation system will be more effective
  • You will regulate the hormonal balance
  • You will improve your metabolism
  • You will get rid of headaches and pains of joints
  • You will shorten the time of convalescence
  • You will eliminate insomnia

Thermal waters working wonders

No matter how old you are!

The BUKOVINA Thermal Baths are perfect even for pregnant women and children barely a few months old. The whole family shall find the thermal waters really helpful.


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