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Steam bath

Do you know how much the steam bath and sauna bath differ from each other? They are two seperate types of bath - see the differences!

Sauny Parowe

The temperature in the steam sauna reaches 50 - 110 C. And the humidity level is lower, amounting to barely 65%. Whereas in the steam bath, the temperature reaches 40 - 55 C and the humidity amounts to 100%!

You may visit the steam bath every day, and in the case of the steam sauna, it is not possible. If you don't feel well in the hot and dry sauna, think about the steam bath! It will refresh you and show a blissful influence on the organism! Your skin will become smooth and firm, the muscle will loosen and the mind will be vivid again.

The hot steam will alleviate the rheumatic ailments and treat the airways. And thanks to the added essential oils, your sinus, airways and bronchus will be cleansed. Take a deep breath!

Within the sauna steam there is a nudity zone, the allowed cover is a sheet or a towel.

What are the advantages of the steam bath?
  • Your skin will become beautiful - smooth, soft, cleansed and deeply moisturized
  • The pain in your joints shall be alleviated - forget abut the rheumatic ailments
  • Your upper airways will be healthier (thanks to the essential oils)
  • Breathing will be easier
  • Your fitness will be better and your immunity system stronger
  • Your blood circulation will be stimulated and your lungs stronger

The soft temperature and high humidity will let you calm down and relax. Your muscles will be loosened, and your aching nerves will find their consolation.

The steam bath is a perfect introduction to massages and revitalizing cosmetic treatments.

Steam baths of the BUKOVINA

At your disposal, there are three modern steam baths tiled with ceramic mosaic. You will strengthen your health and relax by the soothing sounds of soft music, enchanted by the beautiful scents changing every now and then. Check what we've got for you.

Steam Bath 50°C
Steam Bath 50°C
Steam Bath 50°C
Steam Bath 50°C

Extreme and wild - for those who are not afraid of moisture and high temperatures.

Refreshing Steam Bath 45°C
Refreshing Steam Bath 45°C
Refreshing Steam Bath 45°C
Refreshing Steam Bath 45°C

Our steam bath lets you enjoy the marvellous scents right from the nature: eucalyptus, pine, mint, spruce, lemon and dwarf mountain pine. A perfect relaxation and an interesting stimulation of body and mind!

Sensual Steam Bath 40°C
Sensual Steam Bath 40°C
Sensual Steam Bath 40°C
Sensual Steam Bath 40°C

A more delicate bath with lower temperatures, full of sensual aromas of kiwi, passiflora, mango, jasmin, lavender or coconut to let you travel through distant lands and exotic islands.


How to use the steam bath?

  1. Before entering the sauna, cleanse your body under the shower.
  2. Wipe yourself dry.
  3. Enter the sauna naked, wearing only your towel.
  4. Sit and lay down on the towel (your body is not supposed to touch the boards).
  5. Stay as long as you wish and as you feel but preferably for about 5 – 15 minutes.
  6. After having left the sauna cool your body down, starting from the feet and heading towards the heart.*
  7. Afterward, have some rest on the couch (twice the time you spend on warming the body up or longer).
  8. You may repeat the cycle thrice.

*REMEMBER! Before going to the pool, do take a shower first.


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