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Thermal water

0 m
-150 m
-575 m
-1220 m
-2115 m
-2390 m
-3220 m
-3780 m

Above 0 m

Raindrops grow larger and under their weight fall down to the earth


0 - 150 m

Slate complex - upper Chochołów layers, the so called Brzegi layers


150 - 575 m

Sandstone and slate complex - lower Chochołów layers


575 - 1220 m

Sandstone and slate complex - upper Zakopane layers


1220 - 2115 m

Slate complex with sandstones from Koziniec - lower Zakopane layers


2390 - 3220 m

Thermal waters of higher temperatures. Consist dissolved mineral ingredients.


3220 - 3780 m

Limestone, pearl spars, slates - series of Wierch nappe which make an insoluble layer


Below 3780 m

A hot, liquid magma warms the thermal waters up.

Thermal water

Our thermal waters in the Bukovina Complex are extracted from 2400 m below the earth's surface, from the North- Western hill of the Wysoki Wierch Mountain.

0.0 km Depth of the water extraction
0 Content of mineral elements
For the Soul Bathing in the thermal water will not only bring you peace and harmony but also help you forget the world spinning around.
For the Body Unique minerals and trace elements making the thermal baths one of the kind.
For the Beauty The waters of the BUKOVINA Thermal Baths make your skin smooth and beautiful, alleviate any irritations and help wounds or inflammations heal better.
K+ Mg2+ Ca2+ Na+


HCO3- Cl- So42+


Ion balance

The thermal waters of the Bukovina Thermal Baths are a fabulous therapeutic and rehabilitation method. This very special water contains such healing elements like: sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), chlorine (CI), potassium (K), sulphur (S), magnesium (Mg) and chromium (Cr).

Mg Ca S K Cl Cr Na

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