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Already in the ancient world people did understand the blissful influence of the alternate warming the body up and then cooling it down. Yet, the Scandinavians were the first ones to create and introduce the sauna philosophy as we know it today.

Within our the sauna zone there is a nudity zone, the allowed cover is a sheet or a towel.

The air temperature in the traditional sauna (the dry ones) ranges from 90C and 110C.

During your sauna stay your body is once warmed up and once cooled down - at least twice or three times ("two or three stages of sauna").

What are the advantages of the traditional sauna for you?
  • Stronger and more effective immune system and hormonal balance
  • Quicker Metabolism as well as removal of toxins and cleansed skin
  • Healthier upper air ways - no infections coming back
  • Healthier spine and joints - a great help in case of rheumatic diseases in the symptom-free phase.

Łozpolona Maryna

Visit our external highlander cottage to enjoy classic and mountain sauna!

Highlander Sauna 110°C
Highlander Sauna 110°C
Highlander Sauna 110°C
Highlander Sauna 110°C

It's an extremely hot sauna where the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celcius! A true challenge for tru highlanders!

Traditional sauna 90°C
Traditional sauna 90°C
Traditional sauna 90°C
Traditional sauna 90°C

A stylish sauna designed according to the regional fashion. This one often serves the Aromatic Sauna Sessions.

Traditional sauna 100°C
Traditional sauna 100°C
Traditional sauna 100°C
Traditional sauna 100°C

Recommended to all of these who fancy dry sauna relaxation.

Aroma World

Pay a visit to the famous „Łozpolona Maryna” (traditional sauna 90C) and enjoy the extraordinary aroma rituals! We organize them daily at 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

*Limited number of places – the sooner you come, the better.

How to use the traditional sauna?
  1. Before entering the sauna, cleanse your body under the shower.
  2. Wipe yourself dry.
  3. Enter the sauna naked, wearing only your towel.
  4. Sit and lay down on the towel (your body is not supposed to touch the boards).
  5. Stay as long as you wish and as you feel but preferably for about 5 – 10 minutes.
  6. After having left the sauna, cool your body down, starting from the feet and heading towards the heart.*
  7. Afterward, have some rest on the couch (twice the time you spend on warming the body up or longer).
  8. You may repeat the cycle thrice.

*REMEMBER! Before going to the pool, do take a shower first.



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